The only waste management and recycling platform you’ll ever need

Resourcify is the all-in-one waste management and recycling platform. Gain end-to-end control and transparency of your waste management as we provide you with the right digital toolset and access to our connected network of independent recyclers.

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transparent-waste-management Transparent waste management

Safe, compliant, and scalable

Resourcify helps companies achieve full transparency of their waste management and recycling activities, while keeping processes safe and compliant to local regulations. No matter the number of sites, regions, or countries your operations span, Resourcify has you covered and enables you to connect digitally with recyclers.

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comprehensive-recycling-data Comprehensive recycling data

Simple and standardised

Our industry-leading platform pulls information from scattered data - and standardises it. So, no matter how many recyclers you work together with, you’ll have a single source of truth for all your waste and recycling data.

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practical-insights Practical insights

Strategic and actionable

Our goal is to provide operational insight that drives recycling improvement. Whether you need quick answers or detailed analysis. It combines all the tools you need to work with waste and recycling data easily and efficiently.

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The value of Resourcify is clear





30 %

Less administrative cost

50 %

More recycling

50 %

Decrease in average cost per tonne of waste

X 3

Revenue from recyclables

All-in-one recycling platform

All your waste and recycling management processes in one place.

  • operations
  • accounting
  • reporting
  • optimisation
  • legal

Empowering your teams from any device and location

  • End-to-end order management
  • Recycler management and integration
  • Complaint resolution
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Contract handling
  • User and locations management

...and more!


Avoid time-consuming accounting tasks and gain valuable time in return

Never lose track of your waste costs because of externally generated invoices again – create and send invoices and credit notes directly from Resourcify. Get a complete cost overview of all waste pick-ups, including costs associated with external service providers and revenue generated from your recyclables. All your invoices are in one place.


Achieve full transparency in your recycling processes

With engaging charts, diagrams and tables, your organisation spot trends and visualise savings across waste and recycling processes. By monitoring volume of waste and associated costs, you have the data needed to create an optimisation strategy.


Be empowered to organise and optimise your operations

Automated, digital workflows make recycling more efficient and transparent. Companies can recycle more, reduce costs and turn waste into marketable recyclables.

Benefit from central and digital control of the entire disposal process, as well as access to all disposal-relevant key figures, management of contracts, selling of recyclables and increased revenues.


Use a digital workspace for your contract lifecycle management

Comply with regulations and keep all your waste and recycling documentation electronically safe. Manage all your records easily, avoid paperwork and fulfil all your obligations digitally. Reduce contract bottlenecks, and benefit from a single view of contract status and supplier data.


Designed to support your teams

Our platform has been designed to make work easier for individual teams within an organisation, as well as improving collaboration across departments. Resourcify ensures each team is able to optimise their specific contribution while supporting the company’s overall objectives.

Procurement teams

Control waste management costs and unlock revenue from recyclables.

Waste management teams

Take care of daily tasks from any device and any location.

Sustainability teams

Boost recycling rates and improve environmental impact.

Why our customers love Resourcify


orders processed automatically in the first year

“We attribute the achievement of our recycling goals directly to the digitisation of our daily waste and recyclables management processes.”

orders processed automatically in the first year

Andreas Back Head of Quality Management/Environment & CSR HORNBACH Baumarkt AG

Of savings in personnel costs alone

“I know many hospitals in Germany as well as their waste management. When it comes to software, we are in a leading position nationwide thanks to Resourcify.”

Of savings in personnel costs alone

Michael Schmitz Head of Department Infrastructure Service, Sustainability Department and Waste Management Officer at the University Hospital Bonn

reduction of the time required for waste management

“The transparency of up-to-date data helps us to develop new recycling goals and to advance sustainability campaigns for less packaging material.”

reduction of the time required for waste management

Sebastian Östreicher Head of Environment, Health, and Safety Syntegon Technology GmbH

We’re on a mission to enable a zero-waste future

Our vision is to support organisations on their path to zero waste. We believe that with the right tools in place, a sustainable future can be achieved.
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