Move to digital waste management and recycling

Our platform has all the functionality you need to confidently digitise your waste and recycling management processes, so you can focus on building business efficiency.


All-in-one recycling platform

Your waste and recycling management activity in the palm of your hand.

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Eliminate time-consuming
administrative burden

Switching between multiple programmes results in a hefty administrative burden, preventing your teams from excelling. Complete daily tasks from any device and any location, and empower staff to focus on optimisation and strategy.

Avoid time-consuming accounting tasks and gain valuable time in return.

Create and send invoices and credit notes directly from Resourcify. Get a complete cost overview of all picked-up waste, including costs associated with external service providers, and of revenues generated by your recyclables. All your invoices are in one place. Never lose track of your waste costs because of externally generated invoices again. 


Achieve full transparency in your recycling processes 

Through well-placed charts, diagrams and tables your organisation can see where they are going in regard to their waste and recycling processes. You will see trends and visualise your savings. By knowing your volume of waste and associated costs, you now have the data needed to create an optimisation strategy.


Be empowered to organise and optimise your operations

Automated, digital workflows make recycling more efficient and transparent: Companies can recycle more, reduce costs and turn waste into marketable recyclables.

Central & digital control of the entire disposal process, access to all disposal-relevant key figures, management of contracts, selling of recyclables and increased revenues. 


Use a digital workspace for your contract lifecycle management 

Reduce contract bottlenecks, see current contracts status and get a single view of contracts and suppliers’ data.

Intuitive and integrated

How Resourcify transforms your waste and recycling management

Simplify, optimise and strategise.

Join the world’s biggest companies using Resourcify to improve their waste management and recycling

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