Don’t just manage waste – optimise to recycle more

Get top-level insights to improve your recycling performance across all locations and waste streams.

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Measure, manage, improve

All the waste management data insights you need to easily identify areas of improvement and increase your organisation’s recycling rates.

tailored-dashboards Tailored dashboards

Customisable reporting

Resourcify is data-driven and provides real-time insights on your waste streams. Easily spot areas of improvement and divert more waste away from landfill and incineration with our holistic approach.

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broad-capability Broad capability

Full access to data

With all your relevant waste data in Resourcify, you can rely on a single source of truth that captures the information you need to optimise your recycling quota. Place sustainability at the core of your strategy and set your business up for long-term success.

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smart-stats Smart stats

Trusted insights for better recycling

Our platform’s unparalleled analytics help you improve your recycling practices. Combine multiple data sources, get access to the right information and create meaningful analysis that allows you to quickly identify how to increase your recycling rate.

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improve-with-ease Improve with ease

Recycling performance indicators

Analyse performance and get an understanding of the recycling and recovery rate across your organisation. All fractions, disposal routes, quantities and weights are taken into account and analysis can be focused on an individual location, accumulation point or even cost centre. Spot areas for improvement, see the impact your business has on the environment and deliver a transformative sustainability strategy you can’t otherwise achieve.

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improve-with-ease Meaningful metrics

Set recycling targets

Set targets and measure achievements to compare and establish regions, BUs, and cost centres. Get up and running quickly with basic or advanced metrics.

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intuitive-processing Intuitive processing

Smart data estimation

Our smart data estimation determines what data has been fed back to the platform and what the system doesn’t yet know. We pull information that empowers you to focus on increasing your organisation’s recycling rate.

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Improve your recycling rates and steer your business towards zero-waste

Reduce costs

Get your waste management costs under control and unlock revenue from recyclables

Centralise processes

Centralise your entire waste and recycling management processes

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