All your operational data in one place

Gain full control of waste management and recycling operations across your organisation in a streamlined, straightforward manner.

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Take care of your daily tasks from any device and location

Optimise your daily waste management and recycling operations, access real-time location and service-fulfillment information, manage and control tasks, and much more.

efficiency-with-ease Efficiency with ease

End-to-end order management

Optimise your order management with the order-per-click functionality on our iOS/Android app. Order details are automatically sent to the respective service provider, while order processes are displayed transparently in the software – whether for collection, deduction, emptying or exchanging. All relevant data and documents are already linked to the respective order, so you no longer have to spend time and effort gathering information.

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control-and-optimise Control and optimise

Recycler management and integration

Manage your waste disposal processes at the push of a button. Connect and control disposal and transport partners across multiple locations; be empowered to assess the service quality of your contractors; find, connect and control disposal and transport partners; and move your network in the right direction.

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relationship-management Relationship management

Problem and complaint resolution

Access real-time insights across all your orders and deal with potential issues as they arise. This full transparency enables you to manage complaints directly, independently and promptly – from unmanaged orders and defective containers to waste sorted incorrectly. To better understand the source of the issue and avoid future problems, you can also access supplementary data such as documents, photos and video attachments.

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consistent-compliance Consistent compliance

Hazardous-waste management

Comply with your waste management responsibilities digitally. Sign hazardous waste documentation electronically at any time and on the go. Our modern and secure solution enables you to create and sign transfer, consignment and takeover notes, as well as waste disposal certificates.

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track-and-update Track and update

Contract Management

Store and track framework contract conditions, prices, availabilities, external contract numbers and other contract agreements with ease. Create new disposal orders at the touch of a button, whether it’s for delivery, exchange, emptying, collection or removal. Digitally submit orders to your service providers and track order status at any time.

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complete-oversight Complete oversight

User, location, and company management

Whatever your business size and requirements, you can rely on Resourcify to integrate seamlessly into your setup and perform efficiently at scale. Manage all your users and locations from one place, assign and authorise different levels of access and roles, create the invoicing setup that suits you.

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automated-processing Automated processing

Internal resource handling and order management

With automated feedback of quantities, weights and more, detailed statistics and reports give you full control over costs, turnover and quantities for all your recyclables fractions. With the digital recyclables warehouse, you get control of the daily processes – regardless of whether your recyclables are processed internally or contracted out.

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real-time-data Real-time data

Baling press integration

Your baling presses are directly integrated into our system, giving you a real-time overview of their status. With key information at your fingertips, you can optimise your pickup processes and organise your processes with ease.

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flexible-working Flexible working

Manage your operations on the go

A mobile-optimised version (app) is available and can be expanded and adapted. This enables mobile commissioning at the point of collection and other applications. QR codes (e-Bin stickers) can be used as a digital point of contact. QR code stickers can be created from the system. When these QR codes are scanned, the mobile version or the app opens with the respective container. From here, orders can be triggered and/or problems reported.

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