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Bye paperwork...
Hello Resourcify!

Is your waste management so complex that you lack a holistic view on all locations, contracts and costs? It’s time to move from countless spreadsheets to a standardised solution: save up to 40% on costs by digitising your waste management and recycling.


How you benefit from Resourcify

Increase transparency

Never lose perspective again: manage all of your locations, orders and disposers digitally via one platform.

Reduce costs

Are you paying too much for your waste management? Save up to 40% by optimising material flows, handling and prices with help from our experts.

Ensure compliance

No more legal questions or worries! Maintain full control over requirements and reporting.

operations_Icon Operations

Waste management made easy

Digitise your entire waste management and go from Analogue to Zero-Waste. We connect you to your local waste disposers and simplify communication. From order processing and invoice verification to complaint resolution – it’s never been easier than with Resourcify.

optimisation_Icon Optimisation

Your waste is worth more

Discover untapped optimisation potential through new-found digital data transparency. Based on our customer successes, we identify the greatest cost savings in the optimisation of material flows, on-site handling, transport and prices.

compliance_Icon Compliance

Reports and regulations at your fingertips

With Resourcify, you can rest assured that you meet the legal requirements for your waste management. Our platform also helps you create reports tailored to your business and sustainability goals.


Transparent. Profitable. Easy.

Let us help you optimise how you manage waste, sustainably. Less costs = more clarity. See for yourself!

Trusted by leading companies in Europe