Transforming processes with ease

Resourcify helps companies run cost-effective waste management and recycling at scale, address sustainability targets and achieve objectives.

  • Access tools that your teams enjoy using
  • Leverage insight to achieve your organisation’s goals
  • Integrate Resourcify seamlessly with other platforms
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Your all-in-one waste management and recycling platform

Our complete solution features all the tools you need to improve your recycling and work together with specialised, local recyclers - all from one simple, integrated platform that replaces your general contractors.


Our powerful platform is easy to use, providing your teams with the tools they need to succeed.

Use Cases

Learn how we help businesses like yours achieve zero-waste, recycle more, reduce costs and centralise processes.

Security & Integrations

We take the necessary measures to ensure your data is safe, and our platform integrates easily into a current setup.

Join the world’s biggest companies using Resourcify to improve their waste management and recycling
Fully customisable

Modular and tailored

Resourcify can be adapted to suit your organisation’s specific needs.

  • operations
  • accounting
  • reporting
  • optimisation
  • legal

Empowering your teams from any device and location

  • End-to-end order management
  • Recycler management and integration
  • Complaint resolution
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Contract handling
  • User and locations management

and more!


Avoid time-consuming accounting tasks and gain valuable time in return

Never lose track of your waste costs because of externally generated invoices again – create and send invoices and credit notes directly from Resourcify. Get a complete cost overview of all waste pick-ups, including costs associated with external service providers and revenue generated from your recyclables. All your invoices are in one place.


Achieve full transparency in your recycling processes

With engaging charts, diagrams and tables, your organisation spot trends and visualise savings across waste and recycling processes. By monitoring volume of waste and associated costs, you have the data needed to create an optimisation strategy.


Be empowered to organise and optimise your operations

Automated, digital workflows make recycling more efficient and transparent. Companies can recycle more, reduce costs and turn waste into marketable recyclables.

Benefit from central and digital control of the entire disposal process, as well as access to all disposal-relevant key figures, management of contracts, selling of recyclables and increased revenues.


Use a digital workspace for your contract lifecycle management

Comply with regulations and keep all your waste and recycling documentation electronically safe. Manage all your records easily, avoid paperwork and fulfil all your obligations digitally. Reduce contract bottlenecks, and benefit from a single view of contract status and supplier data.


Operational efficiency

Focus on your business strategy

Bring your waste and recycling management into one place and leverage the platform to achieve your organisation’s objectives.

recycle-more Reduce, reuse, recover

Recycle more

Our platform gives you the tools to quickly and easily:

  • Analyse all your waste streams
  • Find areas for improvement and recovery
  • Deliver the best value for your resources.
reducing-costs Unlock revenue

Reduce costs

Resourcify facilitates monitoring and aggregates data to help effectively realise savings. Get your waste management costs under control and unlock revenue from recyclables today.

centralise-processes Collate information


Step away from complicated set-ups and control your entire disposal process through one digital platform. Everything you need to take action is at your fingertips with Resourcify.

achieve-zero-waste Sustainability strategy

Achieve zero-waste

With increased process transparency and valuable data analysis, it couldn’t be simpler to place sustainability at the core of your strategy and set-up your business for long-term success.


Teams and industries

Great teams need great tools to achieve their organisations’s objectives – and Resourcify helps professionals across various industries do just that.


Benefit from centralised and reliable waste management that helps you get your costs under control and unlock revenue from recyclables.

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Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies. Resourcify helps you take care of your daily tasks from any device and any location. Get more from our platform and create brilliant reporting on which to rely to focus on optimisation.

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Get the answers to questions you didn’t know to ask with outstanding recycling and sustainability reports that can be created at scale. Your organisation is able to boost its recycling rates and to improve its environmental impact.

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From small chains to large branches, warehouses and even complexes, Resourcify helps retailers regain control of their waste processes.

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Resourcify provides transparency and guarantees more efficient waste management at manufacturing plants, regardless of the number of collection points and recycling centres. Manage any type of waste streams (including hazardous materials) easily and achieve your targets for recycling.

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Resourcify gives you instant access to all your construction sites’ waste management. It allows you to monitor and control the production waste at all of your sites, allowing for better planning, simplified ordering and efficiency.

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Resourcify optimises the recycling of materials in hospitals and other medical facilities. Start introducing recycling and take back programmes today, reduce costs and get revenues from recyclables.

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Resourcify provides efficient handling of waste management processes and offers a digital platform for the logistics sector to save time and money. With Resourcify, logisticians can manage all processes online, send orders directly and save time and money.

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Time for your organisation to become zero waste?

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