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compliance_Icon Compliance

Reports and regulations 
at your fingertips

With our platform, you can be sure that you are complying with the legal requirements for your waste management. Hazardous or non-hazardous – document it all digitally. Generate accurate reports tailored to your business and sustainability goals.


How you benefit from Resourcify

More accurate than ever

Waste reports, costs, recycling rates – down to the decimal point

All regulations met

Digital documentation of waste in compliance with the GewAbfV

Reliable proof

Manage hazardous waste as required by eANV

digital_waste_data_Icon Digital waste data

The most accurate reports you have ever seen

Analyse your material flows, disposal routes and recycling rates – always with the most up-to-date data thanks to digital feedback from your recyclers. This allows you to compare data sets over different time periods and create your annual waste reports in a snap.

reporting_per_location_Icon Reporting per location

Dive into the details

Put individual locations at the heart of your reporting. The dashboard gives you at-a-glance reports on quantities, costs and revenues per location. Select a specific period and compare it to the previous period to gain actionable insights.

cost_reporting_Icon Cost reporting

Full control of your costs

Always know how much you’re spending and earning, by location or in one comprehensive view. You can look at specific periods or compare entire years. Analyse all invoices and make sure the bottom line is correct.

german_commerical_Icon German Commercial Waste Ordinance

Proof of disposal? Digitally documented!

Create the necessary location-specific documents or take-over declarations digitally. This way you can always prove compliance with regulations and restrictions. Implement a clear, digital filing system for your commercial waste with Resourcify.

electronic_waste_Icon Electronic waste documentation

Managing hazardous waste safely

Meet your waste management obligations digitally. Sign your documents electronically – anytime, anywhere. Transfer, consignment and handover notes, as well as disposal records, can now be created quickly and easily. Use our eANV module and integration with NSUITE.


Why our customers love Resourcify


orders processed automatically in the first year

“We attribute the achievement of our recycling goals directly to the digitisation of our daily waste and recyclables management processes.”

orders processed automatically in the first year

Andreas Back Head of Quality Management/Environment & CSR HORNBACH Baumarkt AG

Of savings in personnel costs alone

“I know many hospitals in Germany as well as their waste management. When it comes to software, we are in a leading position nationwide thanks to Resourcify.”

Of savings in personnel costs alone

Michael Schmitz Head of Department Infrastructure Service, Sustainability Department and Waste Management Officer at the University Hospital Bonn

reduction of the time required for waste management

“The transparency of up-to-date data helps us to develop new recycling goals and to advance sustainability campaigns for less packaging material.”

reduction of the time required for waste management

Sebastian Östreicher Head of Environment, Health, and Safety Syntegon Technology GmbH

Unlock the full potential of our platform


Complete orders, manage recyclers, process invoices. All in just a few clicks.


Save costs with data-driven analysis and advice from our experts.

Transparent. Profitable. Easy.

We help you to sustainably optimise your waste management. Fewer costs = more clarity. Try it for yourself!

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