February 13, 2024
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Circularity, I Love You ♻️💚

This Valentine's Day, I hope to convince you to fall in love with circularity and reduce emissions, minimise resource depletion and energy consumption.

Circularity, I Love You ♻️💚
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It’s no secret that I love circularity, which means embracing waste..

Waste tends to get overlooked, but I've always been captivated by its potential for both planet and profit. This is why I built Resourcify, together with my co-founder Felix, to help businesses turn their relationship with waste from tragedy to triumph.  

Embracing circularity is how we reach 45% of our net-zero targets by 2050. It will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimise resource depletion, and lower energy consumption.

We Treat Waste like a Cheap One-Night Stand 

Let’s be honest - our relationship with waste isn't in a healthy place. Globally, waste production continues to increase at an alarming rate, and if we don't change our ways, the World Bank predicts this will grow to 3.4 billion tonnes per year (a 70% increase compared to 2016!). Within Europe, around 50% of waste is incinerated due to incorrect sorting and only 17.76% of recycled materials make it back into production. 

While most businesses know the importance of moving to a circular economy, waste is still considered inconvenient and incinerated, discarded, and forgotten. We treat waste like a cheap one-night stand but it deserves so much more. 

I firmly believe that there's no such thing as waste, at least not in the way we traditionally think of it. Waste must first be reduced, but what is left over, can be transformed.

Here are a few ways we can all learn to love circularity this Valentine’s Day!

  • Choose products with minimal packaging,
  • Opt for items in bulk, reduce unnecessary packaging waste,
  • Reuse items such as shopping bags, water bottles, and containers, and
  • Optimise your recycling efforts by sorting household waste into designated bins for paper, plastic, glass, and metal (if the option is available in your area).

Businesses Can Love Circularity Too

A meaningful relationship with circularity means embracing both the good and the bad. The good side is easy to love: reducing costs, reducing your carbon footprint. But there’s no denying the challenges of loving waste, especially in business. Together, we can demystify the complexities of waste management and pave the way for you to embrace all aspects of circularity. 

The journey might be complex, but you don't have to do it alone. 🚗 

At Resourcify, we've helped many companies embrace circularity and reshape their relationship with waste.

Take Hornbach, a company that finally met its recycling goals thanks to the digitisation of its daily waste and recyclables management processes, or Fraport, an aviation service provider that oversees the entire waste management of the Frankfurt Airport, that now can automatically generate reports with one click and transparently communicate other key figures.

These love stories show a clear path toward circularity for businesses willing to embrace change. Companies that love their waste, also adopt circular principles and positively influence the economy, reduce their environmental footprint, and position themselves as sustainable pioneers.

For the Love of Circularity ♻️

Let’s change our perception once and for all. Waste is not a burden or a symbol of inefficiency. Instead of simply managing waste, let’s cherish its value, and embrace it as a critical resource within the circular economy. 

Are you ready to fall in love with circularity and build a brighter future together? 💪

Resourcify can help your company discover the hidden potential within discarded materials. Talk to our team about taking your waste to the next level (learn more).

With love and hope for a circular future, ⭕


Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis
Co-founder and CEO

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