The circular operating system

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The digital foundation for streamlined waste management

  • Centralize service provider management, including prices, contracts, and disposal certificates
  • Request container disposal on-site (via QR code) and schedule disposals
  • Manage digital problem resolution, including container defects, incorrect waste sorting, and unprocessed orders
  • Import and export container master data for efficient core data management and maintenance
Operations & Compliance
Automated and compliant recycling at scale
  • Recycler Portal
  • Ensure adherence to regulations with separate collection rate (GewAbfV compliant)
  • Evaluate waste volumes, categorized by location or cost center
  • Analyze costs and revenues based on location and material type
Accounting & Invoicing
Efficient and automated invoice management processes
  • Digitally create and manage invoices and credit notes
  • Verify received invoices and credit notes by matching them with order processing data
Sustainability Insights
Real-time access to relevant sustainability insights and data
  • Track recycling rates according to KrWG
  • Evaluate disposal routes according to KrWG
  • Create CO2 balance sheets, including emission savings
Hazardous waste
Fully automated and compliant hazardous waste management
  • Digitally manage hazardous waste operations ensuring full compliance
Circularity Programs
Compliant and customised take-back programs
  • Participate in compliant take-back schemes
  • Track recycling program success incl. costs and profits as well as CO2 impact
  • Easily invite customers to participate and monitor engagement
+ Optional Services

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