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Helping you reach net-zero by optimising your recycling and reducing your CO2 footprint

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Detailed CO2 tracking

Use our automated dashboards to generate meaningful insights that will help you cut your CO2 emissions

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Standardized data

Easily track and optimize your recycling rate over time and across locations with our detailed reports and dashboards

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Simplified compliance

Conform to environmental regulations at scale and easily extract scope 3
emissions for CSRD reporting according to greenhouse gas category 5

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Every material matters.

Recycling is complicated, and running effective recycling programs at scale is hard. Regional, legal, and operational challenges make them expensive and time-consuming endeavours.
Resourcify simplifies the launch, maintenance and tracking of these take-back programs by digitising and automating manual operations and connecting you with a network of compliant and sustainable recyclers.
Our experts will help you understand and breakdown your waste into material streams to help you save valuable materials from incineration or landfill.

Sebastian Östreicher

Up-to-date, transparent data helps us develop new recycling goals and advance sustainability campaigns to use less packaging material.

Sebastian Östreicher
Head of Environment, Health and Safety
Syntegon Technology

How Fraport AG navigates the complex waste management of Frankfurt Airport sustainably in only a few clicks.

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More Time for Sustainability: Smart Recycling at Fraport AG

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The future of digital waste management is circular

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