January 17, 2023
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Seamless Order Processing: Resourcify and OTTO DÖRNER Launch Interface for Digital Waste Management

After the announcement of the cooperation between the waste management platform Resourcify and OTTO DÖRNER's customer portal GO for waste disposal and bulk solids industry at IFAT in May of 2022, the joint interface has now gone live.

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Hamburg, 17.01.2023 - After the announcement of the cooperation between the waste management platform Resourcify and OTTO DÖRNER's customer portal GO for waste disposal and bulk solids industry at IFAT in May of 2022, the joint interface has now gone live. From this point on, all GO partners can process their customers' Resourcify orders automatically and without any disruption in communication. Belfor is the first customer to use the Resourcify-GO interface.

In a joint project involving, Resourcify and DÖRNER, the systems were connected to each other, thereby creating the possibility for an automated exchange of data. This means that orders can now be forwarded from the Resourcify platform via the GO Portal to the ERP system of the waste management company without any discontinuities in the data and then returned after the service has been rendered.

The Advantages at a Glance

  • Companies using the Resourcify-GO interface can organise all order processes, keep track of the order history and benefit from comprehensive evaluation options, such as waste balances and costs.
  • Companies using Resourcify get better support through the automated ordering process, driven by the faster and more expansive return of order data.
  • Waste management companies that have their own GO Portal in place will now save considerable work and therefore costs with Resourcify orders, as manual order entry and manual feedback of order data are no longer required.
  • Resourcify now has access to the existing GO interfaces of the ERP system suppliers without having to build them themselves.
  • The ERP system operators with GO interface do not need to build and maintain a separate interface for Resourcify - the GO interface is sufficient.
"The Resourcify-GO interface is an example of how digital solutions can simplify such complex processes like waste and recyclables management through data standardisation, automation and transparency. We are excited to deliver a significant order processing advantage to the industry as a whole and to our customers."
– Felix Heinricy, COO und Co-Founder, Resourcify
"With the Resourcify-GO interface, we have created a smart, digital solution that connects waste producers and disposal companies without any disruption of data. Order processing is now easier and more efficient than ever before. With this, we are showing what can be achieved with digitisation in the industry."
– Enno Simonis, Geschäftsführer, OTTO DÖRNER

About Resourcify

The recycling platform Resourcify, which was founded in 2015, supports companies in optimising their waste management. The easy-to-use software solution makes recycling more efficient and transparent and helps companies recycle more, reduce costs and turn waste into recyclables. This ultimately enables zero-waste goals to be achieved and previously time-consuming processes like collecting, separating and processing waste to be prevented. Every year, the platform handles more than 2 million waste disposal orders from customers such as Bosch, Hornbach, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald's in over six European countries. In addition, waste management companies also use Resourcify to improve their customer service, strengthen their sales and attract and retain more high-revenue customers.


OTTO DÖRNER understands that the world's raw materials are limited. That is why the company recycles and disposes of the waste generated by the economy and supplies it with recycled materials and sustainably produced, natural building materials. OTTO DÖRNER has developed into one of the leading private companies in northern Germany in the fields of waste disposal, recycling, gravel and sand as well as landfill and soil remediation. As a family business with over 1,100 employees, OTTO DÖRNER has stood for Hanseatic merchant tradition coupled with a high degree of innovative spirit for over 90 years. Since 2017, OTTO DÖRNER has been marketing the B2B customer portal GO, which it developed as a white label solution to other waste management companies throughout Germany. The GO partner network currently consists of 20 GO portals - 13 more are planned.

Felix Heinricy
Felix Heinricy
CBDO & Managing Director & Co-Founder

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