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Accelerate your optimisation journey

Make informed decisions and better business moves with real-time insights into your recycling and waste handling data.

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Improve your performance across the board

Resourcify provides you with a central place for all your waste management and recycling data. Effectively leverage insights and act on them directly. Easily set recycling targets, measure your achievement and compare performance between sites, areas, countries and more.

drive-savings Drive savings

Cost analysis

Get real-time insights into your waste costs and recyclable revenues. Clearly analyse costs centres, carry out detailed cost analysis per site, waste fraction and recycler and make informed optimisation decisions that will elevate your business strategy and drive results.

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invaluable-insights Invaluable insights

Recycling performance indicators

Resourcify gives you the power to analyse recycling performance indicators and get an understanding of your performance. This can be as detailed as you wish: analyse your recycling and recovery rate per month or over time, drill down per waste fraction or location, and check quantities and weight directly fed back to the system by disposal companies. Spot areas for improvement and see the impact of your business on the environment.

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automated-guidance Automated guidance

Smart data estimation

Our smart data estimation determines what data has been fed back to the platform by a recycler and what the system doesn’t yet know. We pull that information and provide it to you when you need it – no extra effort required.

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